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Coordinating incredible events requires thorough planning, attention to even the smallest of details and an ability to communicate effectively with all those involved in the production process. 


Each event is just as unique and special to us as the previous and we stride to make it flow effortlessly. With American and European roots, we bring a seamless transition between a diverse mix of designs and techniques to each production. 

Romantic Beach Wedding

Cristina Diaz-Guijarro de las Heras

Founder & Lead Planner

After graduating from the University of Hertfordshire (England) with a BA in Business Administration, Cristina moved to Los Angeles where she worked to gain a MA in Business Management. During this time she took other educational programs such as Film and Media and worked on a couple of projects which gained her great insight into the production industry.  

Although born in Spain, her family moved to England when she was a child. As she grew, she engulfed herself with the surrounding cultures and gained valuable experience and knowledge, giving her a unique view for planning all types of events while respecting and embracing the wants and needs of her clientele.  

While in Italy, she took on her first role of a wedding assistant day coordinator. This was the event that gave her direction and started her love of creating. Since then she has worked effortlessly to build a strong foundation to be able to deliver both events and productions at an exceptionally high standard. Quickly rising through the ranks she has had the chance of running multiple events and productions from start to finish in a successful succession. 

Michelle Andre

Event Planner

Since discovering her love for the event industry 7 years ago, Michelle has run a successful venue, managed a catering department both in Los Angeles and on tour with the Jonas Brothers, and is currently working as an event planner at Netflix.


She approaches her events with not only the client in mind, but also focuses on the guest experience. Michelle understands the importance of attention to detail and working effectively with her team, and that this is the key to any successful event. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Michelle loves long hikes in the snow and her adorable dog.

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